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Tables of composition and nutritive value of feed materials Pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, horses, fish - Sauvant D., Perez J.-M., Tran G. Eds. ISBN 9076998418 2004, 304 p. INRA Editions Versailles

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Resulting from the joint efforts of INRA and the French Association of Animal Production, these new tables present the composition and nutritive values of the feed materials used by the major farm animal species.

Based on recent nutritional research data from INRA and other research institutes, and on a vast array of composition data collected by the French Association of Animal Production in feed control laboratories, these data reflect the changes in both raw materials and nutritional concepts. New characteristics have been introduced, including but not limited to net energy (for pigs), availability of amino acids, availability of mineral elements and starch degradability (for ruminants).

In view of the current challenges faced by animal nutrition (quality, safety and environmental issues), this scientific reference book is a must-have for feed manufacturers, veterinarians, farmers, researchers and teachers.

Editors : Daniel SAUVANT, Jean-Marc PEREZ, Gilles TRAN

Co-authors : Valérie BONTEMS, Patrick CHAPOUTOT, Brigitte DOREAU, Catherine JONDREVILLE, Sadasivam J. KAUSHIK, Michel LESSIRE, William MARTIN-ROSSET, François MESCHY, Jean NOBLET, Jean-Louis PEYRAUD, Henri RULQUIN, Bernard SEVE

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